First Day Back!

Hello friends!! Today was officially my first day back to school. I am sad that my first class was at 8am this morning instead of the usual 9am classes we had last semester. When I left my house, it was still dark. I didn’t like it one bit! Ha!

Today is FREEZING!! Don’t think it had made it out of the 20’s all day! If it’s this cold, I think it should snow!! We do have some snow forecasted for Thursday, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day! Yes, I am a little kid at heart :) I don’t think they know how much snow to expect yet, but I am hoping for a lot! At least get me out of one day of class! Haha :)

According to my new half marathon training plan, I had a strength training day today! So I did one of Bobbi’s 20 minute boot camp workouts, followed my Whittle My Middle 2! Man those abs exercises are killer! I think they are so much more challenging than the Whittle My Middle 1 challenge! This is definitely a good thing! Come on awesome abs!!

I have had a major sweet tooth today, which doesn’t go so well with my resolution to only eat 1 sweet a day! So far, so good though, guess I have some willpower! I already have a nice warm mug of hot chocolate planned for after dinner!! I am excited for dinner tonight, I’m trying out a new chicken recipe! I will let y’all know how it goes!!

So how is everyone’s week going so far? I am already ready for the weekend! Haha :) I’m still working on honeymoon plans. There are so many different hotels to choose from in Napa and San Francisco! I’m having a hard time! Please, if you have ANY recommendations, LET ME KNOW! Any help would be wonderful! I hope y’all have a wonderful evening!!


  1. I love your training plan. So you decided to do both the Germantown and Nashville Half. So cool! They both sound awesome! Good luck with school.

  2. I always went to school that never had snow days. It could be a blizzard outside and they'd make us go to school. I'll keep my finger crossed for you! 8am classes are rough!
    Great job on your cross training :)
    I am wishing that I was still on vacation instead of at work!

  3. Gotta get in awesome shape for that wedding, right?? haha.

    I haaaaaated 8am classes, especially when I commuted to school! 9am classes were so much butter (and allowed time for a stop at Starbucks!).