Terriffic Ten!!

Hey y’all!! I had a great day today!!

Church was really nice this morning, a lot of emotion going on because of a church member’s testimony and decision to forgo further cancer treatment. But, God was really working in our church today!! Church always makes for an awesome rest of the day!

After church, I had my long run. And it was AWESOME! Seriously, BEST 10 miler EVER!! My pace was so awesome and fast for me, and I felt so good the entire run!! I loved listening to Firefly Lane! If y’all enjoy books and running, you must listen to an audiobook while running at least once! I absolutely love it! I just get into my running groove and my mind is sucked into the story! Best of both worlds!! So, I did 10 miles in 1:34, which means a 9:29/mile average pace!! I mean, who am I? Where did this speediness all of a sudden come from?? I am LOVING it!! I feel so accomplished when I run faster than normal!! I didn’t check my Garmin at all during my run so when I finished my 10 miler and checked my pace, I let out a little “Wohoo”!! If anyone was around, they probably thought I was nuts! Haha!!  Here’s another little video I made on my run.

Hope y’all enjoyed that!! I have fun and look forward to making them, even though I know I look a little silly doing it! I wonder what people think when they see me running with my IPhone in front of my face and I’m talking into it? HA!


I was really snacky this afternoon and my appetite just got bigger and bigger!! So I ended up not eating a big lunch post-run and just snacked.


I had this mix of dried fruit and nuts not too long after I got finished with my run. I was hoping it would hold my hunger over so I could shower and get ready. And it did :)


Next up is a yogurt mess. 1 Brown Cow Strawberry Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean crunch, and about 1/2 chopped apple nuked in the microwave for about 2 minutes.


A couple hours later I had a mini bagel with Honey Walnut cream cheese and 2 pickles. Like the smiley face??


And about an hour later my stomach was still growling! So cornbread it was!!


With some Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea!!

I was planning on staying at my parent’s house for dinner, but then I found out I had some school reading I needed to do before tomorrow. Love finding that out the day before. Not really :( So I came home and apparently did at just the right time because the fiancé got caught in a hail storm on his way over! Yikes!! He made it just fine though :)

Amazingly, after all my snacks, I still did get hungry around 7pm. So leftovers it was!!


A little bit of leftover Bacon Mac and Cheese 


And a HUGE salad! Yum! Hit the spot!!


I believe I will be eating one of these for dessert in a bit!!

I hope y’all had as great of a day as I did! I am psyching myself up for an EXTRA LONG day of class tomorrow. So not looking forward to it :( Have a wonderful night!


  1. Nice job on your 10 miler! Thta's an amazing pace!! Holy cow you are fast. I loved your video...not sure how you looked so fresh while on your last mile! Great job