My New Shoes!!

Hey guys!!

I feel like I have been just go, go, go today! I am finally just getting a chance to sit down!

After class I headed to buy some new running shoes at Fleet Feet! The guys there were great! They measured my feet, then had me run outside to see what my gait was like. It’s normal by the way! I am a “toe runner” so I need a lot of padding in the forefoot area. After that, I tried on about 4 different pair of shoes and compared them all. I got to run outside in each one to see how I liked them. I was so surprised at what I chose!!


The Nike Vomer 4! I have not been a Nike fan in the past, but am super impressed with the room and cushioning in the forefoot of this shoe!! Plus, it feels pretty light!


Being pink doesn’t really hurt either! Ha!




Nice right?! Any other Nike fans out there?? If you have a Fleet Feet in your area, I definitely recommend them! They are so helpful and nice!!


After my running shoe purchase, I headed over to Whole Foods to shop and then to Muddy’s Bake Shop to pick up some cupcakes for dessert tonight!! It was a very fun day! It’s not often that I get to hit up 3 of my favorite places on one day!


Lunch was just a jumble of things because I was trying to get to Kroger quickly to get the rest of the items on my grocery list. My house is currently stocked to the brim with food! And, I spent way to much money! Haha!!


I munched on some chips and salsa I got from Whole Foods.


And had a sandwich thin with regular PB on one side and Dark Chocolate Dreams PB on the other. Along with a honeycrisp apple! I realize lunch looks very similar to breakfast… it’s so good!


Dinner tonight was a Chicken Pot Pie recipe by IGE that I’ve made before and it was so yummy! Love this recipe!!






I had a Shock Top along with dinner, very good! Never had this beer before!

And for dessert… cupcakes!!


The fiancĂ© and I split a Cookies and Cream cupcake and a Pink Lady cupcake (chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting). As always, they were out of this world! I love Muddy’s Bake Shop! Just wished I lived a little closer!!

I am planning on relaxing the rest of the night!! Have a good one!


  1. I've been telling Dustin he needs to go to Fleet Feet forever since he runs as well. Your shoes are very cute! I love Nike's!

    BTW, Dustin and I tried Shock Top over the summer and love it!! That's why I love like to try new beers too! We would get along so good!

  2. My first pair of running shoes were Vomeros - LOVED them. It was like walking on marshmallows. Love the pink too, that's what I had.

  3. These are the the exact shoes that I was told to get by the guys I work with (I work at Sports Authority). So weird! We must have a similar foot/gait because we have the exact same shoes!

  4. Nice new kicks girl! I'm a toe runner to but I stayed away from Nike becuase they hurt me in the past. I might have to look at them again...
    that Pot Pie looks amazingly good!

  5. Love the shoes! And I LOVE Whole Foods! I could spend hours in there...and a lot of money, too!

  6. Haha, I knew you’d end up going to Fleet Feet to get your shoes :)