A Day of Great Eats

Hey y’all!! Man, I’ve been busy today!! My morning didn’t start off so well…

I ended up shutting off my alarm and going back to sleep instead of getting up and working out. Ugh, just what I said I wasn’t going to do! I don’t know what’s been up with me lately! I used to get up almost every morning at 5:30am to workout! Now, I am just loving my sleep! I think a lot of it this morning had to do with it thunderstorming outside as my alarm went off. I just wanted to stay under my covers! Ha!! Anyway, so I ended up getting up and getting ready with plenty of time to eat and do my morning post until I heard the traffic report that said there was a major wreck causing a huge backup on the interstate I take to school. Great. So, I left my house 30 minutes early to get to class on time and I barely made it! So glad I left early! My normal 40 minute drive took me 1 1/2 hours! Ahh! It was a long, frustrating drive… and that’s why I didn’t get to post this morning! Ok, so onto my eats!!

Breakfast!! The star of it was this little gem I picked up at Whole Foods last week!


I have been searching far and wide for this Pumpkin Yogurt and finally came across it! And let me tell you, totally worth the wait!! It had such a sweet pumpkin-y taste!! Yum!!


I added 1/2 cup Quaker Oat Squares, 1/2 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch, and 1 sliced banana.


All mixed and jumbled together! Loved this combo!! It didn’t keep me as full as my trusty Banana Oatmeal though! But a nice way to mix it up!!


And my trusty morning coffee! But this morning, I added a splash of Almond Milk instead of half and half. The Verdict?? I loved it!! I am totally trading Almond Milk in for half and half! So much better, didn’t take away from the coffee flavor so much!!


Class was long, so I decided to stop at Muddy’s Bake Shop to get the fiancé and I some cupcakes!! I am so in love with this place!!


I had a snack around 11am on my way home because I knew I would be working out and showing before I was going to eat lunch, and I was already getting hungry!!


Oh. My. Goodness!! Best Clif Bar I’ve ever had!! It tasted like cookie dough!! Yum! Can’t wait to get more of these! So sad I can only find them at Whole Foods.

I got right to my workout once I got home. I did a bootcamp workout that I just made up as I went along. It was a tough one too! I incorporated cardio, strength training, and abs! Whew! It ended up being right at 30 minutes! I spent 5 minutes stretching out my lower legs and calves really well because my plantar fascitis is acting up again. That’s what happens when I lack on my stretching. I made sure to do lots of icing too!! Later this evening I ended up doing Polly’s Yoga for Muffin Tops. This is my favorite so far! Loved it!! I was shaking by the end! Ha!


Lunch was quick and easy!!




A BLT on a sandwich thin and some of Amy’s Alphabet soup that I shared with the fiancé! Yummy!!


My afternoon consisted of more studying and that’s really it!! I had my trusty snakc of Quaker Oat Squares and Tea around 4pm. I am now out of Quaker Crack. Must get to the store ASAP!!

It’s yucky outside so poor little Sadie didn’t get to go on a walk today :( Sadly, I think it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow too. Good thing I can do my speedwork on the treadmill tomorrow!! I am so looking forward to listening to more of Firefly Lane!!


Dinner was a bunch of this and that, but ended up turning out great! I love how the fiancé is getting really into my CRAZY meals! Normally, he is a meat and potatoes kinda guy, but he’s been really enthusiastic with all my new recipes and new veggies we’ve been trying! I’m proud of him!!


I mixed together a jumble of stuff into a bowl! It contained:

  • Brown Rice
  • Some of the Crostini with White Beans 
  • Roasted Broccoli and Acorn Squash (my fav)
  • A couple slices of Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Chicken Sausage
  • Black olives

It was so good!! The Acorn Squash is seriously my favorite veggie!! The fiancé thinks it’s so weird that I eat the skin! I think it’s good! Do y’all eat the skin on Acorn Squash??

And for dessert…My cupcake of choice:


Monkey Around! Banana cake with Banana Frosting and walnuts! It looks so good! I can’t wait to dig in! I may have had a bit of the fiancé's Strawberry Lemonade cupcake! And I may also have bought us 6 cupcakes today, so we have treats for a few nights! Haha! I just couldn’t help myself!! I love that place! Next time I want to try some of the vegan goodies!!!


I posted this question on Twitter earlier today, but wanted to pose y’all this question too… Do you know of or recommend any marathons this June or next fall?? Preferably in the South? The marathon bug is really biting!! So, I am really thinking about it and considering it! Let me know what ya’ll think!!

I hope you have a great night!!


  1. http://www.marathonguide.com/ will give you a good search. It does it by month so you have to look through all of them to find one close to you. I know southern marathons tend to be more in the winter time.
    I love cliff bars but I've never seen that flavor. Looks/sounds great!

  2. That cupcake looks amazing!! It sounds like it would taste good too. :)

    Grandma's marathon!! If you want to do one in the south, I'd probably recommend waiting until the fall...you don't want it to be a scorcher! But I send the above commenter...marathonguide.com is your best friend!

  3. That cupcake looks delish!!!!!! :)

  4. So glad to know that you go through as many oatmeal squares as I do. My latest box lasted from Saturday-Thursday...am I going to have to buy 2/week???