First Long Run Video

I’ve been pretty busy today!! After breakfast, I did some reading for school and Sadie helped.


Doesn’t she look so interested?!? Haha!

I was able to finish all my reading for the day before it was time for my long run, which I was hoping to do, so I could relax the rest of the afternoon! I am so much more productive in the morning!!

I left my house around 11:15am and headed out to my normal long run place. It was cold and really windy, which was not fun, but I made it. I made a video from my Iphone while I was running that pretty much sums up the whole run! It was my first time to make a video from my Iphone and it was so fun to do while running!! So here’s the video:

Sorry for all the sniffling and up the nose shots!!!  I need to perfect my self-video skills!! And next time, I will work harder on keeping the video on my face! But pretty good for the first time if you ask me!!

I am happy to report that I kept a really awesome pace for the whole 8 miles! Here are my splits:

Time: 1:20:31

Mile 1: 10:06

Mile 2: 9:45

Mile 3: 10:06

Mile 4: 10:19

Mile 5: 10:10

Mile 6: 10:14

Mile 7: 10:00

Mile 8: 9:52

Avg pace: 10:04

Wohoo! Average pace of 10:04!!! That’s so good for me! Especially because I felt like I was going SO MUCH SLOWER!! I am so pumped about this!!

Like I said in the video, my shoes have completely had it, and gave me awful callus-like blisters on the bottoms of my feet. It hurts to walk :( Needless to say, I will be investing in a new pair of running shoes this weekend!!


On my way home from my long run (I had about a 30 minute drive) I ate 1/2 a Blueberry Crisp Cliff Bar(sorry no pic) because I was HANGRY!! It held me over long enough for me to stretch and take Sadie for a 1 mile walk. I realized while we were on our walk, that it’s so much COLDER outside when you aren’t running! I was freezing!! Finally, I made lunch around 2:45pm and by this time I was starving!!




I made a Taco Salad, using leftover Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, a little shredded cheese, a dollop of light sour cream, and some taco bell hot sauce! Loved this combination! It was AWESOME!!


And, a honeycrisp apple on the side!!

I started getting really hungry around 4:45, and even though I felt like I just ate lunch, I knew I needed to eat a little snack because my stomach was literally growling. So, I had a small serving of Quaker Oats cereal with milk (sorry, no picture). I know y’all may not be interested in all my snacks, but I have been really “snacky” lately and I think if I start posting them on here, I will eat less. I think having to post everything I eat helps me really think about if I’m just hungry or bored when it comes to snacking. So anyway, that’s why I will probably be posting my snacks from now on :)

Dinner tonight was BFD again!! I just couldn’t stop thinking about those Whole Wheat Blueberry pancakes I made last week!!






I also microwaved 1 beaten egg for 1 minute and it came out super fluffy! So glad I tried this! Topped with ketchup, of course!!

And for dessert, some of Polly’s No Bake Cookies I made yesterday!! They are so yummy!!


I just finished watching TBL… anyone else been watching?!? I really like that show! Always makes me want to workout! Haha!!

Well, gotta jet!! See y’all in the morning!!


  1. Loved the video! I never think to do those things on my run. And you are killing me with all your food porn - aka pictures - you are posting! everything looks so good

  2. Oh I also LOOVEEE the Biggest loser as well... it gives me so much inspiration! Needless to say, i need it! And reading your blog inspires me too, you have gained a new follower! :) Take care Niki!

  3. So you can run, talk, and video at the same time! I am extremely impressed, haha!!!!! :)

  4. I'm at work but watched your video without sound...haha! Totally felt like I was watching Blair Witch and you were running away from something:)

    Good job on the run!! I miss it, my knee still hurts:(

  5. I love the video. Seriously am jealous of your ability to run, talk and video all at the same time!! I could NEVER, repeat NEVER do that! Those cookies look yummy!