I was semi-productive today. I’m glad I chose to start studying this morning instead of running first thing because I was so unmotivated and tired this afternoon! So, no studying got done after lunch :(  Oh well, at least I studied for 3 hours this morning! Anyone else much more productive in the mornings??

When it was time for my run, around 11:30am, I checked the weather and it said it felt like 9* outside!! No thanks!! I definitely was doing a treadmill run today!! I decided to just jump all around on pace and incline to keep me into the run. Here’s my 5 mile treadmill run:

Minute 0-11: 5.6 @1.5% incline

Minute 11-13: 5.4 @4% incline

Minute 13-19: 5.6 @1.5% incline

Minute 19-21: 6.0 @1.5% incline

Minute 21-27: 5.6 @1.0% incline

Minute 27-29: 5.6 @4% incline

Minute 29-31: 5.6 @ 0% incline

Minute 31-35: 5.6 @1% incline

Minute 35-37: 6.0 @ 1% incline

Minute 37-40: 5.6 @ 1% incline

Minute 40-42: 6.5 @ 1% incline

Minute 42-44: 5.6 @ 1% incline

Minute 44-46: 6.5 @ 1% incline

Minute 46-48: 5.6 @ 1% incline

Minute 48-52: 6.5 @ 1% incline

Total: 5 miles @ 10:20 pace- it felt a lot faster than this, makes me wonder how accurate my treadmill is!

This workout was great because I kept changing either the pace or incline so it never really got boring! That’s how I have to do treadmill runs!! I find that it’s a lot physically (and mentally) harder for me to run on the treadmill than outside. My paces are always slower on the treadmill!! Anyone else have this issue??

After my run, I did Whittle My Middle 2 and tried Polly’s Yoga for Runners. I think I’m seriously the most inflexible person ever!!  I am sad to say I can’t even touch my toes.  :(   I just found her blog today(thanks Erin!) and am definitely going to be doing a lot more yoga. I need more flexibility and less tight hamstrings in my life!!


Lunch today was leftovers from last night.




I always add red pepper flakes to my pizza to give it a kick!!


I love these fruit cups! They are kinda high in sugar but at least it’s all just fruit juice sugar and no HFCS!


I was definitely feeling some BFD(breakfast for dinner) tonight. I haven’t made pancakes in forever, so that’s what I decided to make!!


I mixed up some Hodgson’s Mill Whole Wheat pancake mix and added in some frozen blueberries! I think blueberry pancakes have to be my favorite pancake.


I had 3 medium sized pancakes.


With a little pure maple syrup. YUM!! I was a little nervous to try the Whole Wheat variety but these were really good!! Really light and fluffy!


On the side I had a sliced Honeycrisp apple and some PB! Honeycrisps are the best apples around!! So glad I found them at the store this week!!


So crisp and sweet like sugar!!


Tomorrow is going to be another day like today. Studying in the morning, running mid-day, and hopefully more studying in the afternoon/evening. Not sure if I will be confined to the treadmill tomorrow or not but I think that as the weather has gotten colder, I am becoming more and more wimpy about the cold. I just don’t want to go out in it period! To the point where I have only been getting my mail if I remember to pull up in front of the mailbox with my car before I pull in my driveway. Sad, right?!? On the bright side, it’s supposed to be in the 50’s by the end of next week!!

Well, gotta get back to the Memphis game! Go Tigers!! Do you like college basketball? Who’s your team? I love college basketball more than any other sport! Can’t wait for March Madness!!


  1. Hope all your studying goes well. good job on the dreadmill. Its always tough to not stay bored. I try to change things up as well.
    Sadly I have never been into college basketball...I blame it on the fact that I went to a school with no basketball team :(

  2. Yay for BFD!!!! I love this meal so much that we have it at least once a week in our home.

    Glad you had a great day, a great run and a great dinner.

    Take care hun!

  3. Do you know if you can buy a foot pod to sync with your Garmin? I wear one with my Garmin when I'm on the treadmill and go by what it says. According to my Garmin, I go at a faster pace and longer than the treadmill says.