It’s a mashed banana kinda day…

Good morning!! I woke up around 7am this morning and relaxed in bed catching up on Twitter and such, until around 7:30am. When I finally did get up, I decided a little Yoga for Runners was needed!! My thought about yoga: IT HURTS SO GOOD!!!  Seriously, it hurts BAD(in a good way) to stretch my muscles out!! But, then it feels sooo good!! Haha :) I am definitely enjoying this new yoga kick!!

I have a 9 miler on the schedule for today. I am doing it later on this afternoon, around lunch time, when the temps will be above freezing!! I’m a little nervous about completing this run because I haven’t run past 6 miles in about 3-4 weeks!! Hopefully I can tough it out and push through!! I am planning on testing out my new Spibelt on this run!! Report on that later!!


Since I have a few hours until I have to run, I was able to enjoy a nice, leisurely breakfast!! I think my day starts off so much better when I can relax in the morning for a few hours! That’s the luxury of not having to work right now since I’m in school! Probably the only luxury about not working though… Haha!!


On the menu this morning was Banana Oatmeal, except this time instead of slicing a banana, I mashed it!! I put half in while cooking the oats and half on top of the finished product!! Bananas are so much sweeter when you mash them! I think it gave the oats a much creamier consistency! Loved it! I will forever be a mashed banana girl!




Sporting my “Exercise Girl” mug this morning for some running motivation!


Luckily, I don’t have too much school reading to do today and am hoping to knock it out this morning before I run!

I will leave you this picture of Sadie, because everyone needs a cute little doggie pic in their life!


This is how I find her every morning! I don’t think she could curl up in a ball ANY tighter! I love how she tucks her nose under her leg! Isn’t she just so stinkin cute?!?

Have a great day bloggies!! I will be back later with a run report!


  1. Mmm...I will have to try mashing my bananas! And your doggie is so adorable :)

  2. the night before, you mix: yogurt, a few splashes of milk, and oats (uncooked or cooked??) THEN in the morning, add the mashed banana, and maybe peanut butter? I want to try this, but wanted to make sure to get it right!!

  3. Love the mug! Too cute! And Sadie as well!