Thank goodness it’s ALMOST Friday!! Woohoo!! One test tomorrow morning stands between me and a nice weekend! Can’t wait to get it over with!!

So how was your day??

I spent the majority or my morning and afternoon studying. Shocker, right?!? Haha :)     I did break around 11:30am for my speed workout!! I was confined to the treadmill due to some nasty weather, and to tell you the truth, I really don’t mind doing my interval work on the treadmill! It keeps it easy and keeps me on pace!! I did 5 miles total, and here’s how it went:

  • 1 mile warm-up
  • 6X800 with a 2 minute recovery interval
  • I did my 800’s at 6.3mph and recovery at 5.5mph

Not very fast for most of you I realize, but that’s pretty fast for me!! I think next time I will pick the pace up a bit more because I was able to finish all 6 intervals without being too exhausted!! It was also nice to be able to run in shorts and a tank top! Although, my sports bra and shorts started chaffing a bit! Those are my favorite pair of tight spandex shorts that have NEVER chaffed before and I have done many, many long runs in them! And, I have never had my sports bra chaff on a 5 miler before! It was a little strange… Guess my Body Glide and I will start becoming BFF again! I haven’t had to use it all winter!!

I finished off my workout today with Whittle My Middle 2! Check out my spreadsheet and my progress so far! I am totally getting stronger abs! Yeah!!


Lunch was some leftovers today.


Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce 


And the rest of my Acorn Squash from last night!! Yummy lunch!!

I ate this snack during class this afternoon around 4pm. My stomach was growling way before this but I held off! I have had a super appetite lately! Not sure what’s up!!


This flavor was good, but not as good as the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut!!

When I got home from class it was dark and I was hangry but didn’t feel like cooking and wanted something FAST!! So I made another bowl of oats! Just can’t get enough!!


This time I made my Banana Oatmeal base and added a chopped pear, some coconut, and a big blob of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB!! So good!! And yes, I realize I eat oatmeal A LOT!! I just love the stuff!!

And my special cupcake for dessert tonight is…


The Grasshopper!! Chocolate cake with Mint icing! Can’t wait to dig in!! I am planning on trying my hand at some cupcakes this weekend!! Any good cupcake recipes I should try out?? I’m open to ANY suggestions!!

Sadly, I have to wait until tomorrow to watch Greys and Private Practice because I am being a good girl and studying instead. Amazing what peer pressure will make you do! Everyone else said they were studying tonight so it made me FEEL like I should, even though I feel pretty ready for my test! Oh well, guess it didn’t hurt! That’s what my DVR is for!! Haha!!

I hope y’all have a great night!!


  1. Good luck on your test tomorrow! I'm sure you will rock it. I didn't get up this morning. I hit snooze :D. Good job on your work out!

  2. Good luck on your test tomorrow. Good point about doing speed workouts on the TM. Never thought about how it keeps you on pace. I'll have to remember that for whenever I start speed workouts since I'm terrible keeping a constant pace.